What We Do

Business systems must be aligned with business goals; an essential element in contemporary business management.  Clarity provides planning assistance and objective advice that delivers real business results.  We provide absolute commitment in the delivery of professional services through our expert offerings in:

  • Business Consulting
  • Risk and Compliance Management
  • Technology Consulting
  • Project Delivery

Clarity’s business consultants work with organisations to shape and define their enterprise.  We then ensure that business risk is minimised through the provision of practical, easy to use, management systems that are compliant with Standards, Legislation and Codes of Practice.

We provide effective change management and training to embed these systems within the DNA of your business so that your Management and Staff understand what the purpose of the system is, how it can help them and how it delivers better value for your clients and improved returns for the business.

Clarity Business and IT Solutions consultants are able to meet with you to assess your business and operational risks and the challenges of meeting the requirements of the new harmonised national work health and safety requirements. Some questions for you to consider:

  1. Is everyone in your business aware of their responsibilities under the new work health and safety laws?
  2. Do you have a work health safety policy?
  3. Have you appointed a work health safety representative or a work safety committee?
  4. Are there any potential injury or work hazard risks that you are concerned about?
  5. Has every aspect of business and operational risk been assessed and action taken to eliminate or manage risk?
  6. Are regular meetings held with workers and managers to discuss risks and work health and safety issues?
  7. Do you have an induction process to ensure the safe transition of new employees to the workplace?

Clarity Business and IT Solutions provides a comprehensive work health and safety management system and expert consultancy services in Work Place Health and Safety, Environmental Risk Management and Emergency Response Planning to support our clients.

+Technology Planning & Procurement

Clarity has delivered great value outcomes for private, not for profit, and government organisations in managing the procurement of Information and Communications Technology solutions.

Procurement is approached strategically, thus achieving compliance with regulatory standards, along with better value for money for the organisation. We define and prioritise the business requirements and analyse the options available taking into the current trends and market research. This approach provides a better understanding of the solutions presented and delivers greater leverage for negotiations with ICT solutions vendors.

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