Project Delivery Services


They bought order to chaos… and taught us how it’s done”

Project Management can achieve many different business initiatives, from business process improvement… to product development and launch… sales campaigns… to technology upgrades. No matter what the purpose is, you want your project to deliver specific business outcomes… and that’s what Clarity Business and IT Solutions focuses on.

Many new projects need key skills that fall outside of your firm’s expertise, so you seek external resources and expertise to implement the project.

At Clarity, we see the project from the client’s viewpoint. We listen carefully to understand the client’s business, needs and values. And we recognise the significance of the project for your organisation’s future.

Our expertise in successfully managing business projects has delivered numerous valuable outcomes for both government and private clients… as our [Testimonials] will attest.

Clarity offers these options and outcomes through Project Management support:

  • Leading the project – taking responsibility for delivering the outcome.
  • Portfolio/Program Management – quickly providing a single view of all project activity, interdependencies and financials, to enable clearer prioritisation of resources and budget.
  • Project Reviews/Audits – assessing progress and offering advice, often resulting in realigning projects to ensure project management fundamentals are in place so that stated benefits can be realised.
  • Project Rescue – salvaging a project that has run into problems through clarification of objectives, scope, time and resources to be invested.
  • PMO Establishment – our consultants can implement Project Management processes, procedures, templates and methodologies. These can be scaled up or down depending on the size of the organisation and the number or complexity of projects that are undertaken. This equips organisations with the capability to successfully deliver current and future projects.
  • Project Governance – Setting up the project for success with the right reporting structures, understanding the roles and accountabilities of the people on the project and committees and confirming the manner in which project information is communicated to the project stakeholders.

Our team’s experience and expertise in Project Management provides you with the assurance that the project will be delivered when we say it will – and with key outcomes for your enterprise’s future success.

With a proven framework, success is more achievable – so you’ll find we use the most suitable [best practice methodologies]  for your project.