Who We Are

+Our Story

A Brisbane based company, formed in 2009, Clarity Business and IT Solutions (Clarity) consolidated the collective strengths of its foundation team with the goal of becoming a trusted leader in the provision of quality management consulting that encompasses business planning, quality management, WHS, risk management and technology.  These services are provided by a professional services team who, having held senior management positions, understand the challenges of achieving business objectives within the constraints of “real world events”.

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+Our Vision & Values

Our vision is to ensure that our clients are able to deliver their products and services confident in the knowledge that they are well supported with practical, efficient and compliant business systems. This is achived through the provision of credible, qualified business planning, information, support tools and technology which enable the business to focus on achieving their core objectives.

Our vision for our staff is to establish a core of highly competent business consulting professionals, driven to attain their goals through the delivery of high quality work and the understanding that what they do each day does make a difference.

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+Our People

Clarity Business and IT Solutions is a Brisbane-based company with a national delivery capacity, of experienced, accredited and capable consulting professionals. Clarity is Queensland owned and operated, with a dedicated specialist team who can give you quality service and flexible terms. In addition, our team is fully supported with intellectual property and all work is quality assured through a peer review process.

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+How We Work

We provide delivery of business improvement across the full lifecycle – from strategic planning… to business analysis, business process engineering, business operational risk management surrounding quality, safety and the environment, procurement, project delivery and project governance.  This benefits your organisation now and into the future, with more stable and cost-effective management and information systems.

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