Stategic Technology Planning


You may want your organisation to grow into a valued, differentiated business… and build on its strengths… but perhaps everyone is too close to the business to see the full picture.

Engaging a Clarity Business Consultant makes sense.  It’s a cost-effective option for those companies who recognise that they need strategic technology planning, but don’t have the internal resources or the time to complete this essential task. The service can be ‘fine tuned’ to be available when you most need it and wound back when not required.

Clarity’s consultants are experienced in the strategic planning of your technology. They have extensive technology operational management experience and know how to achieve the best value from your technology budget. They are able to explore, analyse and implement more streamlined processes for your business in order to achieve better outcomes for your organisation., and know how to implement more streamlined processes in your organisation.  Our track record and feedback is testimony to this claim.

Clarity’s services support businesses in the concept, planning, growth, consolidation and/or recovery stages. Our actions and advice are based on extensive experience in operational management and successful delivery of complex Business solutions.

So What’s Involved?

Our Business Consultants work with management to define and shape the enterprise. How?

Once we’ve discussed your business goals, we review your organisation’s current shape and culture to check the alignment between the two. This gap analysis helps prioritise the strategic direction technology investments need to be targeted towards. For example, supporting growth, automating manual processes costing you time and potential clients, or using existing technology investments to better advantage.

And then we map your business processes. Why?

Business Process Engineering

Business Process Engineering allows us to identify ineffective and inefficient business processes across critical business functions before they are built into a new system.  Often not realised until too late, redundant process steps can create bottlenecks within new technology systems, causing lost time, poor results, and unmet expectations.

Clarity’s team of business process engineers, working with you, will map current processes and help document your future vision.  We can then be confident that the full extent of system problems are known, prior to investing time and limited budgets on technology projects.

New streamlined processes create improved efficiency, and this naturally leads to increased profits and time saving.  Now we’re talking.

We also map new strategies to expected outcomes within a practical plan. Our proposal may recommend using one of our other services, e.g. Project Management, Procurement Management, or Interim Management services to carry out work to achieve the desired results.

We also look at your current business architecture and the technology needed to support expected business growth. Thinking ahead allows for creating the space for business growth, much the same as building new offices with extra rooms.